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Google PowerMeter is retiring ... now what?

Solution Google sent out an email to all Google PowerMeter customers on 25/6/2011 informing everyone of Googles intention to retire Google PowerMeter.

A copy of the email we will put on our blog next week - but needless to say whilst we knew Google were not adding more functionality to their software their email informing everyone of their intention to switch it off took us by surprise.

So what does this mean for SmartNow customers who use the Bridge / USB with Google PowerMeter?

Well the Bridge and USB are designed to work with other solutions (AND Google PowerMeter).
USB - the USB solution has lots of other really good (and some say a lot better) software solutions than Google PowerMeter.

BRIDGE - So the Bridge uploads to the Current Cost portal and as Google seemed to have lost interest in adding functionality to Google PowerMeter, Current Cost have actually spent the last few months adding more functionality to their portal. (We actually get asked to test it regularly and are excited about the new features).

Click here to see all about the new features (including how to embed your data on your own website using the Bridge):

More features coming soon...

To all our customers - We will update our blog and this knowledge base article as soon as we are allowed to post more details of the Current Cost portal updates.... ... it was just unfortunate we were not warned of this email and it was sent out at the beginning of the weekend so our apologies if there was any concerned customers .. (thanks Google ;-)) ... ....

Anyway - we also better update our site now :-)
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