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You can’t manage what you don't measure….

W. Edward Deming

But you can’t really measure if you do not have an easy to use, versatile yet inexpensive power monitoring system. That’s why our real-time energy monitors are leading the field. They work, are flexible, easy to install and are very cost effective.

Electricity monitoring and management is not just about reducing waste and saving money, it helps you operate more efficiently and productively. Our monitoring solutions can give you an edge in making important decisions whether it is time to upgrade your refrigerator at home or install a new type of overhead lightening system in all your buildings. Power monitors will alert you before minor issues become expensive problems.

Energy monitors quickly pay for themselves through increased efficiency and productivity. Saving money, resources, time and giving piece of mind.

Come find out why over 2 million customers choose our solutions, making us the number 1 energy monitor type in use worldwide.

With over 2 million users, we offer the world’s best selling energy monitoring solutions for home or business.

Residential, Commercial and Utility solutions

Our energy monitoring kits can be used to track one home with a single light bulb to 10,000 devices over 1,000 locations

High Quality at Low Cost

Turnkey energy monitoring kits start at $129 with individual sensors as low as $29 each.

Flexible Design can be Used Anywhere

Sensors can be used to measure standard household items to large commercial three phase installations.

Easy Wireless Installation

All our devices communicate via wireless RF, so installation is quick and easy.

Comprehensive Online Solution

Enerati smart energy portal lets you easily manage all your energy uses in real time anywhere on any type of Internet connected device.

Introducing Energy Genius series